Please give this message to your friends and family. We are in the middle of a coup by a government that IS NOT LEGAL and put somebody in the presidency THAT WILL NEVER BE LEGALLY ENABLED TO HOLD THE POSITION DEFINED IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES Of America !

This is the text we have been putting on the Internet demanding our legally right chain of command to take this government back from the criminals in office and arrest the criminals. It is only a start to the intense internal cleaning that needs to be completed to bring this country back from extinction.

There are 2 main links to articles describing how far this has been going on (molon labe video links ) and the definition (86 pages from a legal scholar with references filed in a court of law ) of exactly why Barack Hussein Obama has no legal right to ever hold the office of the president ( Obamaballotchallenge ) and there are links on the bottom to which Representatives have been sent this document.

I requested people send them (their Representatives) a copy to make sure every one of our representatives (federal, state and local) was put on notice that we know this information and then add their representatives and also to then share it and send it out again. I feel it must be continued and spread far and wide to continue informing as many people as we can to stop this before it is too late.

The more people that know and share this information and peacefully act is our best resolution to this crisis. If we can not get a peaceful resolution and they attempt a 'police action' to disarm the population there will be a war internal to our country with massive disturbances to every part of our lives.

Food will be gone in days, any resource could be taken by our Tyrannical Regime for their use by legislation that has somehow been allowed to be approved by OUR CONGRESS (proving internal collusion). This disruption will cause massive civil violence, robberies for food, water and anything they can get their hands on, allowing more butchering of the citizens and then the government will call for 'military rule' in the name of protecting the population, taking every 'terrorists' arms to prevent any further attempts to dissent and protests to continue.

Many groups interested in finding the 'real truth', like yourself (and friends like me and others), are now being called a convenient term called 'conspiracy theorists' and their information is being called bogus and are being hounded by the 'criminal regime and their collusion partners in the mainstream media' to hopefully destroy the trust in our groups information and work.

They are calling the 'birthers' crazy with their proof about Obama and now have an incident (Sandy Hook) many in the 'conspiracy theorist' groups have determined from available evidence that was a(another) false flag operation to cause this call to ILLEGALLY disarm the population, cause this interaction between people that really love their children and need solutions to prevent this violence being used against them and the very people that demand we keep our freedoms ( and arms to defend those freedoms) to ever prevent a tyrannical regime from taking over. THIS EVENT WAS MANUFACTURED TO CAUSE CIVIL UNREST.

There are many documents in the public domain that has proven this 'Illegal Government' has done these actions in the past to incite an knee jerk reaction to allow them to justify illegal actions against regimes they wanted to control. These actions are now being used on OUR POPULATION SO THEY MAY HAVE ANOTHER EXCUSE FOR MORE CONTROL...and it must be STOPPED NOW !

Our monetary system has been destroyed by an illegal banking cartel somehow put in by ILLEGAL Legislation that has continued to allow other ILLEGAL Legislation to be continued to be installed to eliminate our REAL GOVERNMENT. The so called 'bail outs' went to the banking cartels, further deepening our 'debt' to this ILLEGAL BANKING SYSTEM.

This is a serious request asking your group and other individuals to get into the fight to preserve this country and prevent this coup. We have had NO MORE SERIOUS ISSUES IN OUR COUNTRY SINCE 1776. If they take our rights to defense of freedom away we will never be able to protect our other rights and will be sheep ready for the slaughter.

This is not an issue on a crazy person that committed a horrible crime, this a direct attack on the continued Liberty of our Population by a criminal regime in Washington and TOP POLITICAL OFFICES that has taken years for them to infiltrate, implement and now execute.

Please verify as much of this information as possible, do not take a person's word anymore on what the 'truth' really is as we have seen how far these criminals have went to destroy this Country allowing this invasion of Islam and the other terrorists acts of eliminating our Bill of Rights of our country.

There is a definite collusion of elements with an unknown agenda but clearly the chance of a police state like Fascist Germany and the massive butchering of our population is a possibility without the defense capability that has forever protected us from ALL ATTACKS, Foreign and Domestic. WE SHALL NOT BE BUTCHERED IN THIS COUNTRY LIKE THE COMMUNISTS AND FASCISTS HAVE DONE IN THE PAST TO OTHER PEOPLE THEY DISARMED.

They have attempted to register the purchase of every firearm and keep their secret databases of the people with the means to defend themselves and are now trying to get a complete firearms registration ILLEGALLY LEGISLATED to continue their quest for information that will eventually be used for ILLEGAL confiscation. We seen it it Germany, Russia and China. They register the populations arms and then take them and then have killed many of them after that to prevent a chance of a rebellion against the control.

Obama is now removing any Military professionals that will not takes up arms against the United States people out of the service of this country. They are getting ready for a massive internal event to cause a trigger to allow military law and elimination of the rest of our 'rights' that THEY DO NOT OWN !

The following is the actual document as on the internet and sent to the Representatives. It has matured over a few weeks with additional information and emphasis to the demands of the people that this country return to the rule of our Constitution.


We Demand John Boehner take his rightful position as the REAL PRESIDENT OF THIS UNITED STATES and RETURN THIS COUNTRY TO THE PEOPLE NOW ! Please go to his site and demand he DO HIS JOB and take command of this country and return it to the people IMMEDIATELY !

Would you consider copying and sharing the following on your site?

Thank you! We need to get this information to as many people that want to keep our freedoms as possible.



The First is for the VOICE OF OUR PEOPLE and WE DEMAND FREEDOM, the SECOND for OUR LIFE, For that we shall hold fiercely and shall keeps such ARMS TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!

We the People have the power of the purse and the power of the sword. Usurpers and rouge politicians are trying to destroy the home of the free and the home of the brave.

Let them try!

Molon Labe!

Anyone that voted for the NDAA should be considered FULL TRAITORS!

WE Are The Oath Keepers and we will keep it that way!

Obama is not a natural citizen as defined in the Constitution that would allow him to ever be a President of this United States. His FATHER WOULD HAVE HAD TO BEEN A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY TO PASS ON THE RIGHTS OF THIS COUNTRY! Go Watch some of those videos at the link above and verify the information your self. DO NOT TAKE ANYONE'S WORD! IT is your duty as an American to make this information as public as possible, Screaming very loud at how far this has been allowed to go.

IT IS A FRAUD! THE VOTE DOES NOT MATTER IF HE DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT AS DEFINED IN THE CONSTITUTION VERY CLEARLY! BIDEN doesn't even get the title and it then goes to Mr. John Boehner and it is his duty to press these charges and to again take control away from the false government and RETURN IT RIGHTFULLY TO THE PEOPLES!

The Proof that Obama Is Not Our President AND could never be as defined in the Constitution of the United States.

We, the people, ARE THE NATURAL PARTY OF THIS COUNTRY, The Constitutional Party. I am neither Democrat or Republican, I am an Oath Keeper !! Molon labe !! look it up it you do not know !

Every Sheriff has a duty to contact the ammo manufacturers in their respective states AND ESPECIALLY IN THEIR JURISDICTIONS and DEMAND that private orders have precedent over any federal orders for ANY AMMUNITION and they have the DUTY to defend their county with all their resources !

------Representatives that NOW HAVE A COPY OF THIS INFORMATION -------------------

John Boehner

Rand Paul

Mitch McConnel

Marco Rubio

Rob Portman


-------------- Add Representatives above AFTER you have sent the document please !---

Save this and then share the document with the continued list of representatives building at the bottom as proof they have been sent it, their address and name used to send the information ( I used their public email systems).

This is not a political movement, this about the freedoms, OUR RIGHTS and the survival of this entire country. It clearly states we are not Democrats or Republicans, WE are the NATURAL PARTY OF THIS COUNTRY, The Constitutional party of THE PEOPLE. We must get this type information out to the masses to keep it that way. This is a very serious matter that has also been used to take our use of cannabis away long ago BY THE BANKERS that now are controlling this country. They have been infringing on our rights for many years by collusion and the destruction of our laws in the name of their 'safety' that we have known was a lie ! Think about it ... What events played out to allow them to take that basic right our forefathers had always had !